Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Molly and Bubble Tape

We were all watching something on tv when I noticed Molly was missing. I looked around for her and found her behind the couch, under the highchair, with a carton of bubble tape. I am not sure where she found it or how she got it open, but she did and she was enjoying it!

I made this tutu for Megan and stuck it on Molly one looks so cute! I love it!

Sea World

We have Sea World passes and go at least once a week. I love it because we can stay for a couple hours or all day. Sometimes we take lunch and sometimes we go to just swim.
This waterslide is small enough for the girls to ride by themselves and they love it. I sit on the side with Molly while the girls do the waterslide then get out and get back in line all by themselves. It is great. I sure love having older kids that are somewhat independent!

Sea World has so many neat things to do. They have a wonderful water park with different pools, spray areas and slides. This area is the same pool the water slide goes into. We spend most of our time here and the rest at the wave pool.

Of course Molly is on the side...away from the water!

We ran into some friends while we were there. Kylie and Megan love spending time with Tyler and Samantha. They had so much fun.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Trip to the Zoo

Matt's job allows him to be with us in the morning and little Alan is not with us for 2 weeks (HOORAY!!!) so we are taking advantage and went to the zoo this week. The zoo is Megan's favorite place and we always enjoy seeing a few animals. Mostly they love the little "beachy" area that encourages getting wet and sandy. Heaven for my girls!

Kylie is quite the little photographer! She took this picture of dad and mom.

The hippo exhibit is so cool and they were up really close to the glass and moving around. Kylie and Megan loved it and Molly screamed when the hippo came toward her.

This is after the hippo incident...she is still very nervous!

Here we are at the beachy kid area. Of course Molly prefers to sit in the stroller as opposed to getting in the water. Just for the record I tried to put her feet in the water and she still hated it...give her a snack and keep her dry and she is happy!

And then my water lovers...they could be fish!