Friday, March 18, 2011

Snow in San Antonio!!!!

SNOW IN SAN ANTONIO!!!!!  We were pretty excited.  Even better they cancelled school and Matt didn't have to be to work until noon.  Gotta love snow days.  Unfortunately the day that was cancelled was a half day and the bad weather make up day was a full day.  Oh, well, we sure enjoyed the quarter inch of snow and ice that stuck to the ground!  The girls were tickled to wake up to snow in the morning.  We bundled up and went outside and tried to sled on a rubbermaid tub lid down our neighbors driveway.  Molly lasted 5 minutes.  Megan lasted 10 minutes.  Kylie played outside all morning in front and in back on the trampoline.  That girl has a little Montana in her blood after all!

 After the snow melted (by noon) we stayed warm inside and made all sorts of creations in the
(Not-so) easy bake oven.  I hate that thing but the girls love it.  This oreo cake they made actually looked kinda good.  Hooray for snow days...maybe we will see another one in 20 years!

Student Led Conferences

During the third quarter of school, instead of having normal parent teacher conferences the school has student led conferences.  The kids get to show the parents their favorite parts of the classroom, show off their work and what they are learning, and do it completely independently.  I love these conferences.  Megan wanted to show us every page of her notebook.  Everything was very important to her.  Kylie was a little less excited only because she doesn't usually like all the attention on her. 

We are so grateful for wonderful teachers for each of our girls.  Megan's teacher, Mrs. Taylor, is patient and kind and loves having Megan in her class.  Miss Zepeda is Kylie's first grade teacher.  She is full of fun ideas and is so appreciative of the help Kylie offers to her classmates.  We are very proud of our girls and the hard work they do each day in school.

Megan on Modesty

Last weekend we were all working together to clean up the girls' bedrooms and the game room.  Part of this job was dumping out all the toy bins and sorting them into the correct spots.  As we were doing this I came across several things that needed to be thrown away including all those little accesories that come with various dolls that seldom get played with in my house.  I decided it was time to get rid of them more hoping "someday" they would get played with.  In the course of our dejunking I came across a small Barbie purse that had no straps, a clutch bag.  Here is the conversation that followed:

Mom:  How about this bag?  Do you ever play with these purses for the Barbies?

Kylie and Megan (in unison):  Nah, throw it away. (I tossed it in the trash.)

Mom:  Oh, here's another one.  So, I can throw this one away too?  (After finding a brown Barbie purse that had straps or handles.)

Megan:  No, I love that one!  Keep it!

Mom:  What's the difference?  You love this one but you want to throw away the other one?

Megan:  Well, the other one isn't modest.  (Said very matter of factly)

Mom:  What do you mean, it isn't modest?

Megan:  You doesn't have any straps!

Oh, my Megan...I had a good chuckle and then smiled...I guess maybe they are learning something from me after all!

Not-so-little Noelle

Noelle is just shy of 9 months and pulling herself up onto everything!  She just figured out how to turn around and stand up in her high chair...I am not sure i am ready for this!  She also started walking along the furniture.  Noelle is such a happy baby.  We love her so much!

Molly is soooo helpful...and she shares!  :)

Daddy Daughter Date

Chick-Fil-A recently hosted a Daddy-Daughter Date night.  I made a reservation for Matt and the three older girls.  He is a lucky man to have so many beautiful daughters!  He took Kylie, Megan and Molly to Chick-Fil-A where they were led to a table and waited on.  The food was brought on plates and set on placemats.  There were pink flowers for each of the girls and following dinner they went on a limo ride.  The girls had so much fun and I think Matt did too.

Rodeo Time

Each year in February the rodeo comes to San Antonio.  We took the girls last year (and I forgot the camera) and had so much fun that we made sure to go this year with a super Groupon deal!  Matt was able to get off a couple hours early one day so we could head to the rodeo grounds right after school.
Matt is hiding on the side holding up Noelle...we didn't just stick her on and run.  But she was happy regardless!

Molly made me stay with her...she was terrified.

All our crazy girls together.  The fact that Molly was holding that is terrifying!

Last year and this year the only ride we will spring for is this little pony ride.  They are real ponies and the girls beg and beg to be able to go.  This year Molly even wanted to ride so we had enough rides to qualify for the super saver.  Buy 4 get one free.  We figured 2 for the big girls and one for Molly.  It cost $18 for 3 rides and $20 for 5 rides...hmmmmm.  We ended up having to buy Molly another ticket.  She was not happy about missing the second ride.  Totally worth it...they LOVE this.

She really was happy even though she doesn't look like it.

I didn't even notice this until now that there is a little Wells Fargo propaganda in the background!  Anyone need a home loan or refinance?  :)

The girls were a little disappointed this year that HEB replaced the bouncy castles with a farm but they enjoyed it.  Kylie especially loved milking the fake cow.  Molly wouldn't touch it.

Okay, by now you see that Molly is a wimp.  She wouldn't sit on the fake horse by herself, milk the cow, or walk around the petting zoo.  Matt had to hold her the whole time.  Oh, Molly!

We keep hoping that some year we will be able to take the big girls to a concert...a Disney star of some type.  I think they would love that.  These concerts always seem to be on Sunday...but, maybe next year.

Kinder Hoedown

Each year around rodeo time, the kindergarteners do a hoedown.  We went to one last year for Kylie and got to attend Megan's hoedown this year.  It is so fun to watch these little poeple work so hard on something...and they do work on it for weeks!  Yee-haw for Megan!  When we were getting her dressed for the day she informed me that she needed a jean skirt, a bandana and a cowboy shirt.  I told her we didn't have any cowboy shirts and she pulled out her Texas Longhorn shirt and told me that was a cowboy shirt.  :)  And that is what she wore.

Temple Trip

Grandma Sherry needed to scope out a picture spot for a Young Women activity and took my girls along with her.  She took a whole bunch of pictures of the girls at the temple and these are a few of my favorites.  I have such beautiful girls.  They were so cute getting ready to go.  They both wanted to wear dresses because they wanted to be dressed right.  I love my girls!  And thanks to Grandma for giving them such a fabulous memory.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Flour Game

I was in charge of the activity for family home evening one night and I wanted to play a game we used to play in my family when I was younger, the flour game.  Using a cereal bowl, you place a penny in the bowl and top it with flour.  Then you flip it over onto a plate and each person takes turns cutting the flour, as much or as little as you like, until one person makes the penny fall.  That person gets to retrieve the penny with their mouth.  It is so funny to watch.  I made the penny fall the first time so the girls could see how to do it and then we played again.  This time Kylie let the penny fall and she actually tried to get the penny.  I don't think she ever did actually get it but she was a good sport.  She spent the next 10 minutes trying to get the flour out of her eyes, ears, nose and mouth!

Watermelon in Winter

Yep, this is watermelon in January...and it was so yummy!  Grandma brought us a watermelon and as I was cutting it up the girls wanted to suck all the juice out of what was left.