Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Video from the beach

Here are two videos of the beach. Molly is on shore, of course, and the girls and Matt are playing in the waves. There was a lady that was terrified by the way the girls were playing in the water, even with Matt standing by. She was sure one of them was going to go under and not come up. I am sure she thought we were crazy parents! She was probably right!

The BEACH!!!

After we visited the aquarium and had a bite to eat we headed for the beach. We only had a tiny bit of rain...but nothing that scared us off. Kylie and Megan loved the sand and the waves. The salt water threw them for a loop at first but they adjusted quickly. They played and played and were so sad when we had to leave. Molly preferred sitting as far from the shore as possible eating a snack or drinking juice. She hated the cool water! So funny! She didn't even like to sit on wet sand. We built sand castles, got buried in the waves and ate our fair share of sand. It was a fabulous day and we will go back soon!

Taking a break from the waves...

Molly's safe from the water here...and she was happy!

Nice and dirty...we took all that sand home with us.

Beach Babes

Memorial Day Weekend

On Saturday we decided to make a quick trip to the coast. The 2 hour drive went pretty quick and we went straight to the aquarium. We saw dophins, otters, sting rays and lots of fish. The girls loved the dolphins but were scared to touch anything.

Kylie is such a picture poser!

The dophins even had a ball in the water they were playing with...very cool!

Mom and Molly

Hands on!
The girls loved the dolphin tank...and it was air conditioned!

There was a fun playground outside...too hot to last long.

My funny girls

All 5 of us

New Blogger

I am going to try my hand at blogging! I have joined the millions of others that do it and now will brag about my own family here. Here I go!