Saturday, November 26, 2011

Kylie's Baptism Day

Yep, I have known this day was coming since Kylie was born.  I knew once she turned 8 that she would get baptized.  I just didn't expect it to come so quickly.  The couple of months leading up to the baptism were full of plans and happy tears.  I am so proud of Kylie and her decision to follow the Savior and be baptized as a member of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  At this point I hope that I have taught Kylie what she needs to know to make good choices.  I think she will do amazing.  She is a wonderful girl and what a special day.

 Molly was so mad at me that I wouldn't let her in the picture.  I am sure one day she will be so glad that I let her in it and that she looks sooo happy.
 Matt baptized Kylie.

What a special day and we are so grateful for our family and friends that were there to share her special day.

Halloween Fun!

Halloween!  Aunt Lynse planned a super fun halloween party full of games, food, painting pumpkins, and even a Frankenstein pinata.  We had so much fun and we love our cousins!

 These two are so cute together.  Camy and Molly call each other their best friend.  It is really cute.  I couldn't get them to both look at the camera at the same time.  Silly girls.  (I took 10 more with the same results!  Love it.)

 Our ward had a trunk-or-treat.  Noelle was a butterfly.  Both Megan and Molly have worn this costume.  The zipper broke this year and I almost cried.  Seriously...I almost did.  I LOVE this costume so much.  It is just so cute with the antenna and the stripes and the cute little bug inside.  Sigh...
 Megan was a reindeer, Rudolph to be specific.  So, we love Christmas just a little at our house!  She had a big red nose and hooves but she didn't wear them.  Good thing I made them last minute for her!
 Kylie was a bunny.  Classic and simple...and very cute.
 There they all are together including our very grumpy Molly who was a queen mermaid (those are her exact words...get it wrong and you are in trouble!)
 How could you not love this little butterfly!?
 This was the day after the final World Series game where the Rangers lost in game 7.  Matt kept joking that he was a distraut and depressed fan.  But he has that cute butterfly so all is well...ok, I will get over this adorable costume...promise.
 My beautiful family!  I am so blessed!

My sister, Dede, and her kids came into town for Kylie's baptism and they arrived the day before Halloween.  So, we got to trick-or-treat with our cousins.  The girls (all 8 of them) had so much fun.  Kylie the bunny, Kate the genie, Megan the tiger, Mayli the fairy, Madi the fairy, Molly the queen mermaid, Noelle as Minnie Mouse (minus the ears here), and little Juliet the pink bunny.

Girls Weekend

Girls Weekend = 2 days of no kids...ahhhhhhh.  Or 2 days of no snoring husband.  Or 2 days of no diaper changes.  Now, don't get me wrong...I LOVE my job of being mom.  It is rewarding and fabulous (most of the time).  However, you gotta love a little break now and then!  My mom-in-law took me and my sis-in-law on a girls weekend with Matt's aunts and cousins.  We all stay together in a cabin and eat lots of food, play games, act terribly silly and make memories.  The days are filled with shopping at outlet malls or market days.  Really, a very fun weekend.  Can't wait til next year.  I mean, look at can you resist those faces!  Hahahaha!

Red Ribbon Week

Each year during red ribbon week the school has dress up days.  In the past they have been not so great but this year they were SO MUCH FUN!!!!  One of the days was crazy hair day.  They encouraged color and craziness as long as it was "school appropriate" by the next day.    I sooooo wanted Meg to do a little hairstyle from the Whoos in Whooville but she wouldn't let me.  But I showed her how awesome it would be and  she still said no...I suppose that was a good choice since she couldn't stop laughing.  I think there must be a correlation with high hair and silliness!  Kylie would have done this "do" but her hair is too short.  So we opted for silly and colorful!

Another of the days was crazy clothes day.  Here is where I get my "cool mom" points.  We went to Goodwill and found a cheap long sleeved shirt and a cheap short sleeved shirt.  I cut them down the middle and sewed them together.  We also took jeans with a hole in the knee and cut off one side.  One side summery and the other winter...VOILA!!!  Crazy clothes!  The girls loved it.  They also wore one flip flop and one boot.  So cool...or hot...depending on what side you look at.  Hahahaha.  Oh, and Molly couldn't resist being in the pic.

The last day was career day and the girls went as doctors.  Meg was an animal doctor and Ky was a dentist.  I had gone to the dentist earlier that week and they gave me gloves, a mask and other dentist stuff.  Very cool.  Hopefully we will have awesome dress up days next year too.  And, of course we love all the don't do drugs stuff they do!  Yea for Red Ribbon Week!

Meg's Punkin'

The first graders got to decorate a pumpkin and bring it to school for a competition.  When Megan brought the paper home she knew she wanted to make a puppy.  Her puppy didn't win any prizes but she had fun making it and showing her class.

Random October Fun

Kylie turns 8

It's hard to believe that Kylie is 8.  I remember a time when I thought she would never be 2!  Time sure has flown by as I have watched Kylie grow into a responsible, helpful and loving young lady.  Oh, how I love this girl!

We didn't have a party this year with friends so we just had a little family party.  Kylie has developed a love for making jewelry so we made some macaroni necklaces and opened presents.  I also let Kylie decorate her own cake this year.  I made it into a butterfly and she embellished it and bedazzled it.  She had so much fun doing it and I loved not having to do it!

 Our new birthday tradition...8 ballons hung up by fishing line with a bill of money inside.  When the night was ending and everyone was getting ready to leave she got to take a push pin and pop all the balloons.  It was so much fun and she didn't mind the cash inside!

 Happy birthday to my sweet Kylie and looking forward to the next 8 years full of excitement and happiness!


Ahhhh...the morning breakfast routine.  If it was up to Molly breakfast would be replaced with snack time.  Forget cereal, waffles and bagels...she would rather have crackers or even a hot dog!  Noelle on the other hand LOVES breakfast and would like it if all meals were breakfast food.  Pour syrup or milk on it and she is sold!

One night Noelle didn't want to eat her dinner (a normal occurance) so I gave her a bowl of cereal instead.  She picked up her bowl and started drinking it.  We all laughed and I had to get a picture!  She thought she was pretty cute too.  Love our silly girl!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Lori gathered a group of us together to do an extreme race, the Toobabalooza.  The race started with a 72 foot inflatable obstacle course.  Then we had to toob in the river with our 5 toobs tied together.  All of us had to be hanging on to the toobs the whole time.  The race also included a little running, mud pits, mud hills, wooden ladders, a rolling of the toobs and more toobing in a lake.  The race was very fun but not quite as easy as I was expecting!  The obstacles like the mud pits and the hills were where we did the best.  We struggled the most in the water with our not-so-muscular arms!  We had a great day and are looking forward to April when they do it again!

Me, Robyn, Audrey, Michelle, and Lori

Matt totally surprised me and showed up right before the race started.  He brought all the kids and I couldn't believe it!  He followed us through the course and took all the pictures.  I am so glad he came!

Can you spot the turtle?

Finish...we were tired...and wet!  The rain started on us when we were in the lake and it was pouring.  The day was perfect for a race.  It wasn't too hot and the water wasn't freezing.