Saturday, November 26, 2011

Halloween Fun!

Halloween!  Aunt Lynse planned a super fun halloween party full of games, food, painting pumpkins, and even a Frankenstein pinata.  We had so much fun and we love our cousins!

 These two are so cute together.  Camy and Molly call each other their best friend.  It is really cute.  I couldn't get them to both look at the camera at the same time.  Silly girls.  (I took 10 more with the same results!  Love it.)

 Our ward had a trunk-or-treat.  Noelle was a butterfly.  Both Megan and Molly have worn this costume.  The zipper broke this year and I almost cried.  Seriously...I almost did.  I LOVE this costume so much.  It is just so cute with the antenna and the stripes and the cute little bug inside.  Sigh...
 Megan was a reindeer, Rudolph to be specific.  So, we love Christmas just a little at our house!  She had a big red nose and hooves but she didn't wear them.  Good thing I made them last minute for her!
 Kylie was a bunny.  Classic and simple...and very cute.
 There they all are together including our very grumpy Molly who was a queen mermaid (those are her exact words...get it wrong and you are in trouble!)
 How could you not love this little butterfly!?
 This was the day after the final World Series game where the Rangers lost in game 7.  Matt kept joking that he was a distraut and depressed fan.  But he has that cute butterfly so all is well...ok, I will get over this adorable costume...promise.
 My beautiful family!  I am so blessed!

My sister, Dede, and her kids came into town for Kylie's baptism and they arrived the day before Halloween.  So, we got to trick-or-treat with our cousins.  The girls (all 8 of them) had so much fun.  Kylie the bunny, Kate the genie, Megan the tiger, Mayli the fairy, Madi the fairy, Molly the queen mermaid, Noelle as Minnie Mouse (minus the ears here), and little Juliet the pink bunny.

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