Saturday, November 26, 2011

Red Ribbon Week

Each year during red ribbon week the school has dress up days.  In the past they have been not so great but this year they were SO MUCH FUN!!!!  One of the days was crazy hair day.  They encouraged color and craziness as long as it was "school appropriate" by the next day.    I sooooo wanted Meg to do a little hairstyle from the Whoos in Whooville but she wouldn't let me.  But I showed her how awesome it would be and  she still said no...I suppose that was a good choice since she couldn't stop laughing.  I think there must be a correlation with high hair and silliness!  Kylie would have done this "do" but her hair is too short.  So we opted for silly and colorful!

Another of the days was crazy clothes day.  Here is where I get my "cool mom" points.  We went to Goodwill and found a cheap long sleeved shirt and a cheap short sleeved shirt.  I cut them down the middle and sewed them together.  We also took jeans with a hole in the knee and cut off one side.  One side summery and the other winter...VOILA!!!  Crazy clothes!  The girls loved it.  They also wore one flip flop and one boot.  So cool...or hot...depending on what side you look at.  Hahahaha.  Oh, and Molly couldn't resist being in the pic.

The last day was career day and the girls went as doctors.  Meg was an animal doctor and Ky was a dentist.  I had gone to the dentist earlier that week and they gave me gloves, a mask and other dentist stuff.  Very cool.  Hopefully we will have awesome dress up days next year too.  And, of course we love all the don't do drugs stuff they do!  Yea for Red Ribbon Week!

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