Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Kylie Is Six

Where have the years flown? It seems like such a short time ago that I was cuddling her as a newborn, chasing after her when she discovered how to walk and dropping her off for her first day in sunbeams. And now she is in kndergarten. When I think of the years that have passed, I have to smile as I remember Kylie growing up. She has always been such a happy child, even as a baby. I feel blessed that the Lord has loaned her to me for our time on earth. Oh, how I love her. I can't help but think to the future and wonder what it holds for her.

Kylie had a soccer game in the morning (she scored 3 or 4 goals) and then we went home to open presents. For dinner she requested Chinese food at Pei Wei. :)

I found a really cute cake on that looked like a princess castle. It was all pink and sparkly with ice cream cones for the spires. I loved it...unfortunately Kylie didn't...maybe I will make it for my birthday! :) Kylie instead chose this underwater mermaid scene. The barbie is wrapped in fruit roll-ups and it turned out really cute. The girls helped me make it and of course we needed two mermaids instead of just one! Good thing Molly isn't big enough to care...we wouldn't have had enough room for a third mermaid. The cake turned out to be really cute and Kylie loved it. Oh, and I even made those star fish...hooray for me!