Thursday, February 18, 2010

It's Another Girl!

We had our ultrasound on Tuesday this week and we were not surprised to hear that we are expecting girl #4! Kylie and Megan are going to need a little convincing that another girl will be okay but they shed a few tears and are warming up to the idea. the end of June, Matt will be even more outnumbered! Girls, girls, girls...sigh...


Well, I am kicking myself for not taking my camera to the rodeo with us. I thought about it on the way but we didn't want to turn around. Matt and I were sure the girls would love the rodeo but they liked it even more than we anticipated! We got to see the petting zoo, LOTS of animals and had sooo many fun activities for kids. It was fabulous and I totally want to go back and do it again. Next year I will be more prepared so that when we blow $12 so the girls can ride a pony for 2 minutes, I can archive it and remember their happy faces, giggles and begging to let them do it again. Totally worth the 12 bucks! Next time we will get Molly touching all the animals in the petting zoo and her silly face when she saw the pig...her favorite by far. Molly loves animals and she was in heaven...what an experience to see all these animals so close and to hear them make REAL noises! Yee-haw!