Friday, April 29, 2011

Dad's Birthday

Each year the girls get just as excited for Matt's birthday as they do for their own.  They love choosing and wrapping the gifts and helping with the cake.  We certainly do love dad.  We are lucky to have him around.

Yep, he's 31 this year.  Molly added the random m&m...but we left it.

We gave Noelle a little practice with the cake since her first birthday is rapidly approaching.  She handled it very well and thought it was pretty tasty!

She was, however, extremely messy and we opted to bathe her in the kitchen sink instead of leaving a trail of cake up the stairs.

Silly, silly girls!

At our house, everyone loves drumsticks for dinner.  Matt makes them sooo yummy and the girls just love them.  They are a bit messy though.  Now, Kylie was very reluctant to let me take this picture making me promise not to show don't tell.  :)

Miss Megan lost her first tooth and was so very excited for her first visit from the tooth fairy.

Think she has enough forks...

Noelle is eating all kinds of food now, including popscicles...which she very much enjoys.

 Please don't ask why the watermelon is on the floor...I don't have an answer.

We hosted a baby shower at my house and the kids were playing outside.  Molly and Annabelle were playing doctor and it was rather cute.  :)