Monday, October 18, 2010

Fun in October

October has been full of fun things!  I have LOVED the slightly cooler weather, especially in the mornings.  My big girls have been busy with school and we are already almost at the end of the first quarter!  Time flies.  I am home with my little girls and I had to put some pictures of our latest adventures.

My little Noelle is not so little!  She is actually quite round at almost 4 months...and I love it.  She is growing like a weed (we do have some of those in our yard as well but I doubt those weeds are as interesting or near as cute as my baby)!  Noelle is so alert and happy.  She is giggling and cooing and she likes to be sitting up.  I pulled out our walker and she does quite well in there...she likes to chew on the red steering wheel...doesn't it look tasty?!?!?!?!

She found her feet...and she loves them!

 The girls' elementary school had an academic night.  All the students and their families were invited for pizza and academic classes.  We could choose to attend 3 classes of many.  We went to a color mixing lab, a workshop on math games, a reading comprehension class, and a water cycle class.  The girls got to play and try things and they brought loads of great ideas home on how to make learning fun and exciting.  It was so wonderful and I am so glad we went.  Here the girls are mixing play dough to make different colors. 
Red + Yellow = Orange
Yellow + Blue = Green
Blue + Red = Purple

 And of course we couldn't go without talking about my crazy Molly!  She is still as inquisitive as ever and such a joy!  I love that smiling face.  She loves little Noellee.  Right after that second picture they both toppled over.  Molly found it hilarious while Noelle found it quite tramatic!  Good thing she has lots of padding!  Heehee!  :)

And finally, Kylie had to decorate a pumpkin for her class at school.  All the first graders got to decorate one any way they wanted.  Kylie wanted to make a fairy pumpkin.  She painted it pink and we included loads of glitter, ribbon, purple hair, wings and even a magic wand.  Kylie had so much fun making it and was rather proud of the result.  Here she wanted to take a picture of her pumpkin with a plain one so we could see the before and after (just in case you haven't seen a normal pumpkin before)!  :)

Kylie took it to school on Friday and came home and said, "Everyone LOVED my pumpkin!  They kept looking at mine.  Gosh, I don't know!"  She felt pretty special and we had a ton of fun making it.
And just a little note...Kylie's pumpkin won the award for the most creative pumpkin in her 1st grade class.

Kylie's Birthday Party

Kylie has never had a "real" birthday party so this year she invited a bunch of friends from church, school and soccer as well as family.  She had so much fun playing musical chairs, eating pizza, playing bingo and pin the crown on Tinkerbell at her High School Musical themed party.  She chose a music note cake and ice cream cone cupcakes (they are supposed to be microphones).  She got loads of fun presents and we ended the party with a huge soccer ball pinata (thanks Grandma!) and cake and ice cream.  She had so much fun she is already planning her party for next year!

 Swinging at the pinata...

Asher cracked it open...
And Tyler went in for the final swing when the pinata fell off the rope to the ground!  Poor Tyler didn't even get a we let him beat it a few times before ripping it open and...

frantically grabbing for CANDY!!!!!

This is almost everyone.  A couple kids had to leave a little early.

 Happy Birthday to my big 7-year-old!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Last Night's Dinner Conversation

Megan:  Hey Mom, what's 2, 7, 9...9, 9? (I figured she wanted me to add them up so I was keeping track in my head.)
Me:  36.
Megan:  No...what's 2, 7, 9, 9, 9?  Add them!
Me:  It's 36.
Megan:  Oh...that's a lot of money!  If I had that much money I would be rich!  Anyone with $36 would be rich!
Kylie:  No, Megan.  That's only $36 (coming from the birthday girl who got a bunch of money for her birthday).  To be rich you have to have $100.  (said very matter-of-factly)

I still am not sure where she got the random numbers and why she was wondering but I do know that I wish $36 or even $100 would make me rich!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Seven Years Old

Wow, my Kylie Grace is growing up so fast.  I remember the day she was born.  It was the night before my due date and I had decided that she was never coming.  We had walked around and done everything we could think of to make this baby come.  I was scheduled to be induced on Monday the 5th of October.  So, Friday night after walking around the Auto and Truck Show for hours, I was laying in bed and said with much frustration, "This baby is never coming!"  Fifteen minutes later I said to Matt, "Either I just peed my pants or my water broke."  My water had indeed broken and we headed to the hospital a little after midnight.  Kylie was born at 10:16 am on the 3rd of October weighing a perfect 7 lbs. 2 oz.

Kylie was a happy baby from the beginning.  She ate like a champ and gained weight quickly.  She almost never cried.  What a happy and enjoyable baby.  Kylie grew up just that way, very cheerful and happy with not an ounce of fear.  She would do anything and try everything.  She became the bully of our playgroup when she started biting all her friends.  :)

I am so grateful for this girl!  She is such a blessing to our family.  I am very glad she came first.  I don't know what I would do without my big helper.  Just this morning I was needing to feed the baby while we were getting ready for school.  Noelle was STARVING and I was going to pour cereal for the girls.  Kylie said, "Don't worry mom.  You feed the baby and I can take care of breakfast."  And she did just that.  I love this girl with every part of me!  How grateful I am that she came to our family.

Kylie loves anything active but don't let her fool you...she loves dresses just as much.  Kylie is an all around girl.  Her favorite foods are chicken drumsticks and lasagna.  She loves grapes, gushers and oatmeal cream pies.  She does very well in school and is in the Gifted program.  Kylie loves art and math.  She loves riding her bike, swimming and playing soccer.

Age 7

Age 5

Age 3

Age 1

Kylie at 4 months