Monday, January 31, 2011


Regardless of what I tell them, my girls continue to grow.  Lots of exciting changes in the Knight home.

Kylie is losing so many teeth!  I feel like everytime I turn around she has another loose tooth for Matt to pull out.  She now has lost a total of 6 teeth (with at least 2 others that are loose) and only 2 of them have grown in so it gets harder to eat everyday!  I must also mention that our tooth fairy is very unreliable...she keeps forgetting...darn tooth fairy!

Megan remains mostly the same.  She is also getting a few loose teeth but has yet to lose them.

Molly is as silly as ever and now that Noelle is becoming mobile, Molly is showing her the ropes and they are quite the pair!  Mischevious little people!  Molly also decided several weeks ago that she wanted to be potty she is!  She just decided and did it.  We are so proud of her and her desire to be so independent.  She has been such an easy girl to potty train...much easier than her big sisters.

My little Noelle is growing super fast.  She is sitting up in the tub, eating solid foods (generally with the help of her sisters), crawling and beginning to pull herself up onto things.  I really feel like she is too little to be doing all this.  My sister just had a baby girl and I feel like it wasn't so long ago Noelle was not even able to hold her head up.  But alas, here she is, my human vaccum cleaner, crawling around and finding the tiniest little things on the floor that go right into her mouth.  She has also started falling asleep in random places, like her it terrible that I think that is so adorably cute?!?!?!?!

Dear Mother Nature,
Please slow down the sands of time so I can keep my babies for just a little longer...

Gingerbread house

We were so behind this year!  We always decorate some type of gingerbread house or village for Christmas but we didn't get to it this year until New Years Day!  The girls had loads of fun creating and decorating and made quite a mess while doing it.

 The house on the left is the house Kylie decorated in her GT class and the one on the right is the one the girls made together.

Fiesta Texas

Some of our good friends had some complimentary passes to Fiesta Texas that they got when they bought season passes and they gave them to us.  We went on New Years Day and we had so much fun.  The girls loved riding all the rides and even Molly rode them all.  She did not want to be left out of anything!  By far they all loved the Taz swing ride the best although Molly was very upset when I wouldn't get back in line for the little rollercoaster.  Matt and I took turns riding with the girls and we had a good time too.

And then there was the ice skating.  They had transformed the bumper car area into a skating rink.  There was no ice, but the floor was covered with wax and we used real ice skates.  Kylie and Megan loved it.  Kylie caught on pretty quick but Meg fell quite a bit.  They both loved it and didn't want to leave.  Molly insisted on getting her own skates which didn't work very well.  I ended up basically dragging her around by her arms and she just kinda hung there.  It was rather difficult since I was on skates as about an accident waiting to happen!  :)  So much fun!

The weather was gorgeous.  The sun was out but it was nice and cool.  Noelle almost slept the whole time we were there and stayed in the stroller.

Thank you to the Hardmans for a lovely day!

Family Pictures

We had our family pictures taken with Matt's family the first part of December and I was so happy with how they turned out.  The photographer, our friend Krista, did a fabulous job and our girls were great too!  I think they were looking and smiling in almost all of them!

Kylie is 7, Megan is 5, Molly is 2 and Noelle is 5 months in these pictures.