Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Fiesta Kinder Float Parade

During the week of fiesta the kinder classes had a float parade.  Megan decided to make her float a castle.  We went to the school to watch the kids as they walked by pulling or carrying their floats.  There were so many creative ideas!

After the parade Matt stayed at the school to help at Kylie's class party.  I wanted to leave him the van so the girls and I walked home.  We passed the park and had to stop for a minute to play.  The girls sure enjoyed themselves!

I am not sure what she is yelling at but something was bugging her!

Molly insisted on pushing the stroller all the way home.  She did a pretty good job and felt rather important!

A Bit of Ballet

Kylie and Megan were in a dance class for a few months at the home of a friend.  The girls enjoyed the relaxed nature of the class and that all their friends were in it too!  They learned ballet positions, rythym, music theory, instrument recognition and they can name classical music peices by name and composer!  My favorite part of their little recital was the warm up.  The teacher held up a sign with a pose on it and the girls had to make the same pose with their bodies.  It was rather silly and super cute.