Sunday, July 18, 2010

Noelle's Blessing Day

Today was Noelle's blessing day.  She had a lovely blessing from her dad.  She wore the same dress as all three of her sisters.  Our fourth little girl.  How blessed we are!

Matt is slightly outnumbered!  All these girls!

The whole crew.  Matt's brother Jason, Matt's sister Lynse, her husband Keeper and their kids Parker, Carson, and Camy, Grandpa Rick, Grandma Sherry (Matt's parents), Grandma Leta (my mom), my little sister McKenna, as well as my growing family!

Aren't they beautiful?!  Oh, how I love them!  Responsible Kylie, loving Megan, silly Molly and my sweet Noelle.

Molly is 2!

My little Molly Marie came into this big world on July 17th, 2008.  What a wonderful little baby she was.  We were so glad to have her join our family...girl #3!  We moved from Montana to Texas just 3 weeks after she was born and her first month of life is kind of a blur.  I loved watching her grow and the 3 year gap between Megan and Molly really allowed me to enjoy those little stages and moments all over again.  We are so glad to have her in our family!

Here is my little Molly at just a few days old.

Molly at age 1.

Molly on her birthday.  The poor girl had a fever and wasn't feeling well but still gave us smiles and had so much fun opening her presents.

Kylie and Megan wanted to help her open every present and it was painful for them to watch her do it so slowly.  It made me laugh.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Friday, July 9, 2010

4th of July

We celebrated this 4th of July with our friends, the Hardman family.  The kids loved shooting off fireworks and doing sparklers.  Molly was a little afraid of the noisy fireworks.  She kept saying, "Go home, I scared."  It was rather cute.  We had such a fun time and enjoyed our own little firework show.
Molly would not do the sparklers and instead wanted to chew on her light stick necklace.  Are those non-toxic...I doubt it.

This is how Noelle enjoyed her first 4th of July.  She slept right through all of it!

Molly parked herself on my lap after the fireworks started getting noisy.  She was so afraid the ones that went high in the air were going to drop on her.

Megan, Kylie and Asher...what a lovely time!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Noelle's First Bath

On Sunday we gave Noelle her first bath.  As you can see it wasn't her favorite experience in life!  I am certain she was thinking that it was much too cold and all that water was no fun.  Those counter baths are no good but have to do them until that cord falls off and all my kids seem to keep theirs for a couple weeks.  So, sorry, Noelle...looks like we have several more of these before you can enjoy a real bath!

Noelle was screaming before we even got her to the water.  She was mad when I undressed her and took her diaper off!

I love this...her moment of "alright...just do it...but I don't like it."

Look at that look she is giving me!  I think it was traumatic!

Had to take this one for my mom so she could see the amount of hair this girl has...

...then I had to comb it down for Matt!  :)  Megan said it made her look like a boy.  Hahaha!

Finally all wrapped up and warm...much better!