Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Rockstar Photo Shoot

I admit it.

I lead a secret life as a rockstar.

I am sure you were all on to me.  I know my life screams rockstar.  Ya know, the countless diaper changes, housework, loads of laundry and snotty noses.  It was all a perfect cover.

I had a photo shoot just yesterday where a fabulous photographer (aka Molly) took loads of photos of me.  She wouldn't let go of the camera until she had taken all the pictures she needed.  This photographer is particularly good because she required me to do all the work.  She pushed that silver button and it was my job to make sure my face landed within view of the lens.  Tough work...but definitely worth it for the chance to be with this girl...and to see the smiles on her face and hear her little giggle.

Here is Molly's attempt at a silly face...I couldn't stop laughing...she couldn't either.

Well, the word is out and now you all know my secret...aren't you jealous?!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Princess Party

Chik-fil-a had a princess party this week.  I have seen them do these before but I have never taken the girls.  I figured that since I have four girls, three of which are very into princesses and dressing up, this would be a fun evening.  It turned out to be fabulous.

All dressed up and ready to go!

The Princess Cow, Cinderella and Snow White even made an appearance...although the girls found it odd that Cinderella had braces.  :)  Megan was tickled that there was a big Snow White and she even made friends with a little girl dressed as Snow White.  Kylie thought she was pretty special since there were only 2 other Belles.

The staff had prizes for the kids and even a wheel they could spin twice to win more things.  The girls left with necklaces, silly bands, bracelets and gold sparkly wands.  What a fabulous evening.  As we were leaving Kylie said, "That was the best night of my whole life!"

Matt had to work late and I was not sure if I could handle all of them alone but I am so glad I took them!  I live for comments like that!
What beautiful princesses I have.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Girly Girl

My little Megan in 100% girl.  She loves ruffles, bows, dresses, makeup, lipgloss, sparkly shoes, anything froofy, curling irons, hairspray, dancing in tutus, name it...she loves it.  She wants me to make her hair really curly everyday but the humidity makes it go straight before we even reach the school!  Here she is on red, white and blue day and she thought she was pretty cute and asked me to take a picture of her before we left for school.  You can't see her shoes but they are her ruby red sparkly shoes...she was stylin'!

My Megan...all sparkle!

Early Release

Several times throughout the school year the girls have an early release from school.  This Friday was one of those days.  The girls get to come home at 11:45.  My sister-in-law, Lynse suggested we meet at the zoo that afternoon and I totally jumped on that idea.  So we headed to the zoo and had so much fun...and expended all that kid energy.

The zoo is so great and really geared toward kids.  There is a spot just for kids with a little beach and the girls all love to slash and play in the water.  We spent a very long time there playing after we were all hot from walking around to see the animals.  It was hot and humid!  The kids were glad to cool off in the water.  I was thinking of diving in myself!  :)

After swimming we changed and cooled off in the tiny tot nature spot.  It has AC...and how lovely it was.  Noelle was so happy and I actually caught her smiling on camera.

After playing for a while we looked out the window and the wind was blowing and it looked like rain.  By the time we got the kids all out the door it was sprinkling and we booked it to the exit...but we had to stop and take a picture on the lions right at the front entrance.  We made it to the car and it started pouring 5 minutes later...we got out just in time!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Labor Day

Labor Day has to be one of the coolest holidays.  It can be busy or laid back and it comes right after school starts to give you a "just started school" break.

This year we went with Matt's family out to Paradise Canyon which has to be one of the coolest places in Texas!  I love it!  The river runs right through with grassy shores, shady trees and picnic tables.  This is a recipe for a great day.  The river was shallow enough but deep enough.  It was perfect.  We had the best spot (thanks Grandpa!).  Kylie and Megan LOVE the water and spent 98% of their time in the river.  Molly (who doesn't care for the water as much) chose to spend her time on the shore...eating cheetos...

Seriously, this is like 5 minutes after we got there.  She wanted the life jacket on and a bag of cheetos.  I took her in the water and that lasted about 2 minutes...if that.  But, that's okay.  It was a "yes" day as my brother-in-law, Keeper referred to it.  We don't get many of those so Molly ate just as many mini bags of chips as she wanted...and drank some root beer...does it get any better than that?!

Noelle did pretty good.  She wanted to be held quite a bit but took a good nap to let us all swim and play.  Here is Grandma on baby duty.  She even snagged a picture of the two babies together.  Can you believe that Noelle is only a little over a month older than her cousin, Brynlee?  She is huge!  We love our round baby!  :)

The girls played and played in the water and threw rocks.  Then we discovered right next to us was a big rock that people were jumping off.  Keeper and Lynse tried it first and then my girls wanted a turn.  I was a little skeptical if they would really take the plunge...but they did!  Over and over again, in fact!
Yep...he caught it.  :)

Then, to make the day even better, a couple families from our ward, the Munoz and the Robinsons showed up with kayaks.  They were totally nice to let us try them out...and what fun!  I think I would have a blast with one of those.  I got to take each of the girls out for a little trip in the kayak.  So amazingly cool and the girls thought so too!
I was in the green kayak.  Kylie's turn.

Meg's turn...yep that's Kylie trying to flip us over...but she didn't. 

Even little Molly wanted a turn in the "boat".  Earlier that morning this was my conversation with Molly:
Molly: Mom, I go to the river.  I need a boat!
Mom: You need a boat?
Molly: Yes.  A pink one.
Mom: Well, I don't think we have a boat, honey.
Molly: Yes, a pink one!

Well, we got to go in a "boat" and she was so excited.  It wasn't pink though...she said it was yellow.  I guess it worked for her.  :) 

After getting out of the kayak the girls went to the big rock for more jumping and Molly actually went in the water with Matt.  He came over to where I was treading water watching the girls jump.  Molly was so sweet and fun clinging to Matt for dear life.  I was reminded why I love that little girl soooo much!  Thank goodness for those times.  I jumped out and grabbed this picture...I love it...and I love both of them.  Molly got lucky and got Matt's gorgeous eyes.

The day was fabulous.  The river, swimming, food and family.  How wonderful.  We left mostly exhausted and then got to go have dinner with our friends the Charltons!  What a lovely day...can't wait 'til next year!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Dream Job

Kylie:  Mom, after you graduate you go to college.  Then what do you do?
Me:  Get a job.
Kylie:  Oh...I think I would get a job at McDonalds or Subway.  I haven't decided yet.  Oh!  Maybe Chick-fil-A!
Me:  Chick-fil-A would be good cause they are closed on Sundays.
Kylie:  Yep, I think I will work at Chick-fil-A.  Hey Megan!  I am going to work at Chick-fil-A after college and you can come and visit me!
Megan:  Cool!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Back to Normal

After our long trip to Montana we are home and back to normal.  We are adjusting to the school schedule and having 4 girls!

Kylie is in first grade and she loves her teacher, Miss Zepeda.  Kylie didn't have any homework this week except to read for 15 minutes each night.  I am amazed at how well she can read already and the big words she knows.  She will choose 3 or 4 books and read them to Molly...yep, that's right, NO MOM INVOLVED!!!!  Totally cool!

Megan loves kindergarten.  Her teacher, Mrs. Taylor, is wonderful and keeps Meg busy.  She already had homework this week and thought she was pretty special...especially since Kylie didn't have any!  I just think she is adorable and look forward to watching her learn to read this year.

And then there is Molly...aka my little busy bee.  Here are a few pictures of what she has been up to.  I have found that grabbing the camera and snapping a picture is a good time for me to collect myself and helps me not to yell at her.  Someday we will laugh about this, right?  :)  This all happened within 3 days.  And it doesn't include many other messes. wonder I am going crazy!

She just wanted a little lotion.  After I had her all cleaned up she asked for more.  I said no...are you surprised?
Such a little artist.  She wouldn't let me clean her up either.  She ate a string cheese that turned pink from all the marker...good thing crayola makes non-toxic stuff.  You can't see but it's all over her hands and legs too. 

My little Noelle is getting large too.  She is growing so big.  She is already 13 pounds and her little face is super chunky.  I LOVE it! 

Now, I confess that I was a thumb sucker when I was little, but seriously, 3 out of 4 kids suck their thumbs!?!?!?!?  What are the odds...oh, wait...we have 4 girls too.  :)  Yep, Noelle is a thumb sucker.  She takes a binky too, weird...that probably won't last long.  She looks so darn cute though!
She is really smiling now.  It makes all those late nights and hard times so worth it.  What a miracle.

Look at that chubby face and beautiful blue eyes!