Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Megan is 5!

Megan had a birthday last week...the 14th of May.  I cannot believe my little Megan is 5 already and yet I feel like she has been 5 for a is that for contradicting myself!?  She is always just following Kylie and doing all the same things so it seems odd that she wasn't 5 yet...but she is still so little.

I remember the day Megan was born.  I was supposed to attend a Beauti Control training but I was having contractions that Saturday morning (not bad ones).  Megan wasn't due for 10 more days and I was scheduled to be induced the following Monday.  We went to the hospital around 7 am and the doctor probably should have sent me home.  He was wonderful though and started me on pitocin, saying I would be back in a few hours and have the baby in the parking lot!  So, at 1:45 that afternoon, little Megan made her entrance.  She had LOADS of black hair and she was such a calm baby right from the start.

Megan is such a joy.  I love that she will randomly come up to me and tell me she loves me.  How much better can it get than that?!  She is so easy going and much less dramatic than my other girls...just going with the flow.  I love it!

Age 1

Age those blue eyes!

Age 3

Age 4

Happy Birthday my little Meg!

Megan got the Curious George game for her birthday and it has animal masks...I couldn't resist getting a quick picture!

Megan wanted the Olive Garden for her birthday dinner...I was not disappointed!  :)

We had a party for Megan on Sunday with family and Megan and her cousins did a treasure hunt.  Here they are with all their loot!


  1. Happy Birthday Megan!

  2. How cute to see pictures of Megan as a baby. It makes me excited for your baby to come. I love newborns.

    Happy Birthday Megan!

  3. Happy birthday to Megan! I love her! Super cute cake! Can't wait to see you guys!