Thursday, November 18, 2010

Tooth Number 3

Kylie lost her third tooth just a week ago!  She had been wiggling it like crazy and Matt pulled it out.  She was relieved to have it gone so it wouldn't bother her anymore!  Kylie has 3 other teeth that are close to falling out...I can't wait til' those top two go!  I don't think it will happen before Christmas but that would be totally cool!  All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth.  :)

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

It's My Birthday!

Well, I am officially less than a year away from turning 30!  My birthday was a couple weeks ago and I wanted to post a few pictures.  The highlight of the day was when Matt took the 3 big girls shopping and I stayed home and took a nap...yep, that's right...a nap while Noelle slept.  How lovely!

Matt and the girls got me all sorts of good stuff.  Meg picked me out some sweet slippers that are totally warm and cozy and Kylie got me a water bottle I have had my eye on for a while!  Molly got me chocolate...not surprised and Matt got me a rice cooker!!!!  LOVE IT!  Happy birthday to me!  Yippee!

This picture is kinda funny.  We have some water problems in our house and I have become quite a pro at replacing the fill valves in our toilets.  So, Matt used the box from our last toilet issue experience and I had to put on a good face...what else would you want besides toilet fill valves...luckily it was the water bottle instead.  :)

How old are you?

Whenever I tell Molly that she is silly or anything else she always says, "No!  I'm Molly and I'm 2!"  So here was a conversation Matt and I had this morning with Molly:

Mom:  Molly, are you silly?
Molly:  No!  I'm Molly and I'm 2!
Mom:  Really?  2...not three?
Molly:  No, I'm 1.
Mom:  You aren't 1.
Molly:  Megan is 1.
Mom:  Oh?  And how old is Kylie?
Molly:  Kylie's 1.
Mom:  How old is Mommy?
Molly:  You are 1.
Dad:  How old is Daddy?
Molly:  You are old.
Mom:  Hahahahahahaha!
Dad:  How old is Mommy? (Course he had to ask again...I was perfectly happy with 1!)
Molly:  Mommy is old.

Molly is a load of fun!  She cracks me up...sheesh!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

My Growing Girls

My girls are getting so big...I know I say that all the time, but they really are.  I mean, we only get 18 years with these little people (although I hear the last several years don't go quickly enough!) and it seems that they grow so quickly.

Kylie and Megan had picture day a couple weeks ago.  What gorgeous, intelligent and loving girls I have!  Wow...I am so blessed.

 Today was Megan's 50th day of school and they got to dress like they were in the 50s.  My Meg is just adorable.  I love that she is excited to participate in everything.

 And my Molly...silly as ever.  She loves lip gloss.  I giggle when she says, "I need lip gloss!"  The way she says it is absolutely adorable...and look at those shiny lips.  Sheesh...I love this girl!

And here is little Noelle...growing super fast.  At 15 pounds she is hitting all those milestones.  Just look at her holding her head up so good.  Her little neck looks so tiny under those heavy and perfectly kissable cheeks!

Noelle likes to watch baseball (or football or basketball) with Dad at night.  It is rather cute.  Matt was convinced the Rangers were only winning when Noelle would watch the games with him...guess she went to bed early a couple nights...oooops!

We pulled out the high chair and Noelle sits up in it so well.  She is starting to grasp toys and chew on them.  We even tried a little rice cereal and pears the other day.  Yummy...well, she actually thought it was all rather terrible at first.  We will keep trying.  :)

Let's Go Fly A Kite

Today was a perfect windy day for flying kites.  We had so much fun and the weather was lovely...very windy and not hot!  A lovely fall day!


Halloween this year was so much fun.  As my girls get older and start to understand and enjoy holidays more and more, it is more fun for me.  With Halloween on Sunday this year we didn't trick-or-treat that night but we had loads of fun the whole weekend.  Kylie was a black cat, Megan was a witch (specifically the wicked witch of the west from the Wizard of Oz), Molly was Minnie Mouse and little Noelle was a pea in the pod for about 15 minutes and I am so terrible that I didn't even get a picture of her by herself...the life of the 4th child...sigh!

Friday night our church had a Trunk-or-Treat and the girls played loads of carnival style games and then loaded up their Halloween buckets with candy.  Kylie and Megan can move pretty fast and they thought Molly was sure cramping their style since she was moving so slow.  :)

 I even dressed up this year thanks to my friend Claudia letting me borrow her angel costume.  Kylie and I threw together a little devil costume for Matt...kinda funny.  I have to admit I have never been much of a Halloween fan since I have had kids but I enjoyed dressing up for the night.  A few little girls kept calling me a big fairy.


Happy Halloween!