Friday, March 18, 2011

Snow in San Antonio!!!!

SNOW IN SAN ANTONIO!!!!!  We were pretty excited.  Even better they cancelled school and Matt didn't have to be to work until noon.  Gotta love snow days.  Unfortunately the day that was cancelled was a half day and the bad weather make up day was a full day.  Oh, well, we sure enjoyed the quarter inch of snow and ice that stuck to the ground!  The girls were tickled to wake up to snow in the morning.  We bundled up and went outside and tried to sled on a rubbermaid tub lid down our neighbors driveway.  Molly lasted 5 minutes.  Megan lasted 10 minutes.  Kylie played outside all morning in front and in back on the trampoline.  That girl has a little Montana in her blood after all!

 After the snow melted (by noon) we stayed warm inside and made all sorts of creations in the
(Not-so) easy bake oven.  I hate that thing but the girls love it.  This oreo cake they made actually looked kinda good.  Hooray for snow days...maybe we will see another one in 20 years!

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  1. Glad you guys could enjoy some snow! What fun! Love the snow angel pic! Your girls are growing up too fast! Love ya!