Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Beach...South Padre Island

Grandma and Grandpa rented a condo on South Padre Island right on the beach over the weekend and we had a blast! The weekend was full of sand (and more sand, in fact I think I still have sand!), good food and family. The weather was beautiful--gorgeous and cool in the evenings and hot during the day. It was perfect. Thanks Grandma and Grandpa for a fabulous weekend!

The girls enjoyed playing on the in the sand and splashing in the waves but then retreating to the "real water" as Megan called it, to swim. There was a large not-salt water pool that the girls had fun swimming in.

Our sweet sand was a group effort. Kylie and Megan decorated it with sea shells they collected on the beach.

The girls loved getting rides on the boogie board.

Playing on the beach...that building in the back, on the right, was where we stayed. We were on the far right, three floors up. We had the ability to see the sunrise every morning...not me...I was sleeping!
The only pictures we have of Molly are in the condo. She still hated the beach...I think the waves are scary to her. She loved the "real water" pool. :)
Playing Go Fish
Look out Camy...she is after you!
Parker and Megan were dancing like moms and dads do. That was what the people on the movie were doing. Very cute.

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