Sunday, September 27, 2009

Soccer Back in Season

Fall soccer season is in session and we are back to weekly practices and games. Kylie is playing again this season (her last in this age group) and Matt is coaching. We sure have fun. Kylie is number 6 and I need to get some action pictures...I will work on that!

Megan, Molly and I sit on the sidelines and cheer Kylie on. We gave Megan the option to play but she declined insisting that it was too much running for her! She likes to participate in practice but visit the snack bar and sit on the sidelines during the game. That's okay! Here are my two sideline buddies:


My little Molly is getting so big! I had to post a few new pictures of her and her pretty smile. She loves the camera and thinks she is pretty silly.

Molly is never happy with the cup she has. She wants whatever cup Kylie or Megan or Brenham or Alan has! So, she usually has one of each. Here she has two binkys as well. She got a kick out of herself doing this. What a cheese ball.

Molly pulls herself up onto everything now. She has just developed an interest in the computer and all the noises it makes. Unfortunately she can always get herself up but getting down is a different story!

My little soccer girl. She loves the games and likes to hang out in the small Dora chair with a bag of Cheetos. She likes the snack bar almost as much as Megan does!

She is always a mess! You should see her eat yogurt!
I lost her one day and found her surrounded by this pile of books, reading.
I love my baby...she is growing so fast. I love her smiley face and her giggles.


The other day I was cleaning up the toys in the living room and happened upon this:

Poor Troy (from High School Musical). He didn't have a chance with all these girls in the house! It gets pretty scary when boys start losing limbs! Sometimes I wonder how Matt survives in this house full of drama, Barbie dolls and dresses. I guess that is why he has keeps him sane!

Now, I pondered Troy's arm and was about to keep it but decided to throw it away. So, out there in the landfill of San Antonio is Troy's arm...a perfectly good piece of plastic that cannot be reattached to little Troy. Truly this was a traumatic event; however, regardless of the brutality Troy has suffered in our home, he still has a smile on his face. Perhaps we can all learn something from him. :)

Nice hair, don't you think? Hahaha!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Family Pictures

While we were in South Padre we took a family picture. They turned out so good! I was very happy with them. It was hard to get Molly to stay still for us...she was tired and she crashed the minute we got back to the room. Enjoy...I sure have!

The Beach...South Padre Island

Grandma and Grandpa rented a condo on South Padre Island right on the beach over the weekend and we had a blast! The weekend was full of sand (and more sand, in fact I think I still have sand!), good food and family. The weather was beautiful--gorgeous and cool in the evenings and hot during the day. It was perfect. Thanks Grandma and Grandpa for a fabulous weekend!

The girls enjoyed playing on the in the sand and splashing in the waves but then retreating to the "real water" as Megan called it, to swim. There was a large not-salt water pool that the girls had fun swimming in.

Our sweet sand was a group effort. Kylie and Megan decorated it with sea shells they collected on the beach.

The girls loved getting rides on the boogie board.

Playing on the beach...that building in the back, on the right, was where we stayed. We were on the far right, three floors up. We had the ability to see the sunrise every morning...not me...I was sleeping!
The only pictures we have of Molly are in the condo. She still hated the beach...I think the waves are scary to her. She loved the "real water" pool. :)
Playing Go Fish
Look out Camy...she is after you!
Parker and Megan were dancing like moms and dads do. That was what the people on the movie were doing. Very cute.

Seven Years

Matt and I celebrated our 7th anniversary on the 30th of August. I can't believe it has been 7 years. I still remember walking out of the temple and saying, "I have a husband!"

I can honestly say that I love my husband much more today than I did the day I married him. We have definitely experienced our share of struggles but we have also been greatly blessed. I cannot deny the hand of the Lord in my life. He has truly taken us where we are needed and where we can learn and grow. I am blessed to have a wonderful companion to share this journey with and I would not wish to share that with anyone else.

To Matt: I love you. Thank you for keeping me afloat when I feel like I am drowning and for loving me always. I look forward to many more years together, watching our children grow.

Another First Day of School

Well, we had just started to adjust to our new schedule with Kylie being in school when the elementary school called and said that Megan had been accepted into the Pre-K program. I got the call on Monday morning and she started on Tuesday.

I bought her school supplies about 2 months ago and I suppose it was just in faith that she would get in! It worked! Megan started school on Tuesday and she loves it. Usually Megan is my late sleeper but Tuesday morning all I had to say was, "Are you ready to get up for school?" and she wiped the sleep out of her eyes and jumped out of bed! She was so excited to go to school just like Kylie. I get even less information out of her than I get from Kylie but I know that she likes it so I guess that is all that matters! Megan has even had her first homework packet and she is pretty proud!

My babies are growing up. People say that time flies once kids get into it is and we will see!

Kylie enjoys being the BIG sister at school. She has been there a whole 6 days more than Megan! :) Kylie walks her to the cafeteria in the morning where Megan waits with her class. But Kylie told me yesterday that she doesn't want to stay with Megan because she might be late and get in trouble. Always the worrier...