Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Girls Night Out

It hardly ever happens anymore that I am together with all my sisters (mom included).  While we were in Utah all of us were together and we couldn't pass up the opportunity to take one night and hang out together.  (Next time we need Sarah with us!  We missed you!)
Linds, Celeste, Mom, Dede, Kenna, Carli, and Kenzie
Oh, and the Indian in the back...heeheehaha!

Poor Carli was feeling so pregnant sick and we were so glad she came anyway!  I love laughing and talking with my sisters.  They are so great!

I feel so blessed to come from the family I do.  My parents are amazing and I am not sure how they successfully raised all 8 of us without killing anyone!  Now that I am a mom I am in awe of the great job they did.  I hope I can measure up.

I recall our years growing up.  We lived several places and I remember Montana the most.  We lived in a 3 bedroom trailer for a year while we looked for a house and we were cramped!  Kids sleeping on couches and in bathtubs.  Good times.  We fought and argued and hit and yelled.  But now I am so grateful for all the tough times and family bonding times we experienced to get us to where we are.  I love my parents and I love my siblings!  It has truly paid off now that we are older and having children of our own.  Our relationships keep getting better and better.  I have a special and different relationship with each one of them.  I could honestly say they are each my favorite for very different reasons.

Lindsay has the most tender and caring heart.  She will call and say hello often and I love that about her.  She is genuinely excited when wonderful things happen and mourns with me when I am sad.

Dede is one of my best friends.  We experience life at the same rate and get along so well.  Since we were younger we were partners in crime...I can share anything with Dede and she listens.  From sitting in the back seat to sharing bedrooms we were in it together...for better or worse!

Carli is my sewing genius!  I can go to her with any sewing problem and Carli will solve it.  She is the most understanding person and willing to help anytime even when she is barely able to help herself.  She is always thinking of others.  And I won't even start on her ability to find a deal!

Caleb is my buddy.  Since we were younger I was always the older kid paired with Caleb since I was the only one that could get along with him.  :)  I have loved the time since he has been home from his mission.  I just have a connection with Caleb that is hard to explain...I love him.  He makes me smile.

Sam makes me laugh...hysterically!  He always has something to say that can lighten a mood or give you a giant bear hug that just envelops you.  He is so charismatic and full of happiness.  I can't help but smile when I am around him.

Kenzie is my soul mate.  We were always the same.  We both liked sports and balls more than barbies and dress ups.  But don't let that tough exterior fool you.  Inside is one of the most caring and gentle people I know, yet she can be very sarcastic with a funny bone of her own.  We get each other.

Kenna is my ray of sunshine!  What would I do without her bubbly personality!?  I always tell her I want to be just like her when I grow up.  I can laugh with her and cry with her and really think I need a mini Kenna to carry around in my pocket.  She turns my frown upside down.

I am so glad my parents had all 8 of us...we wouldn't be complete without any one of us!  We are unique and different and normal all at the same time, but mostly it is perfect...I couldn't live without any one of them!

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  1. Oh I love you! It was so fun to spend time with you! Thanks for always being there when I need someone to talk to!