Thursday, March 18, 2010


We took the kids bowling on Wednesday and had so much fun.  The big girls loved it and Molly was pretty content as long as she was eating or had a binky in her mouth!  :)  The bowling alley we went to had a really cool ability to put the bumpers up for just Kylie and Megan and then they went down for Matt and me.  Kylie did fairly well and she loved it.  Megan still had trouble giving the ball enough "uummph" to get it to the end and it would roll so slowly that even with the bumpers she would get zero pins down.  The man next to us was so nice and told us they have metal guides that kids can use to just set the ball on and then push it down.  That increased the number of pins dropping immensely and she was happy.  Kylie was so worried that Megan's score was better and I kept telling her they weren't the same since she was using the guide.  Kylie wouldn't use the was for little kids.  So, we had to do a little damage control with our little competition but all in all we had a lovely time.  By the end of game one Molly was trying to push buttons and crying because she couldn't bowl (we did let her push the ball down a few times) so we only got to play one game but it was a blast.  The girls are asking for another trip to the bowling alley already.  Next time Molly will stay home with mom or dad...then we can get the full $3.00 worth out of those fancy shoes we rented!  HA!

We used the timer for this shot and it turned out pretty good!  So many girls!

She is getting so big...sigh...

Megan and her little guide.  She even got a strike!  Go Meg!

Everytime I took her binky out she would yell at me...hence no pictures without it.

Binky in mouth, granola bar in hand...this is the life.

What a cheese ball!  He found the heaviest ball he could and threw it as hard as he could.  I think his score was a 40 or something...Kylie beat him...I think he did it on purpose...good dad.

Oh!  I love my girls!

Molly was mad...I took her binky and made her take a picture with me.  NOT HAPPY!  Torture for sure!

Thursday, March 11, 2010


My Kylie is growing up so quickly. I see changes in her daily, especially since she started school this year. Kylie is such a huge help to me and I am so grateful she came first. I don't know what I would do without her. She is even asking me if she can help carry and take care of the baby. Just the other night she had me show her and let her help me change Molly's diaper. She did it all on her own. She told me with the new baby coming I would need help changing all those diapers and she would love to help long as they weren't the really yucky ones! And she can't wait to hold this new baby. She felt the baby kick the other day and I think that is when she was convinced a little girl would be okay!

Doesn't she look so big?

Kylie's class and 3 other classes did a Kindergarten Hoedown. Parents were able to go and what fun! They danced and did actions to 4 or 5 songs and it was great. She had a blast and had that grin on her face the whole time. Love it!

She used Matt's cowboy hat so it was rather large but she loved that dad let her use his hat!


My little Megan...oh, how I love her! Megan is such a sweet, caring and kind girl. She loves to gives hugs and be close. Megan is always randomly telling me how much she loves me and I love that!

Playing fun. She wanted to mix all the colors and see what she could make. Look at her it! The spoons had food coloring hidden under baking soda and it was a surprise what color the water turned. She and Kylie had so much fun.

Taking after her Aunt Kenzie! :) Megan told me this the other night, "When I grow up I want to be a doctor, a singer, a dancer, a pet doctor, oh, and a rockstar...did I say that? Hmmmm...something else...yeah, a racecar driver, oh, and motorcycles that the same thing?" She is going to be a busy girl!

This is Megan in the morning eating breakfast before school. She is tough to get out of bed but once her feet hit the floor she is all smiles! Can't beat that.

My little lefty doing her pre-k homework.

I love this picture! You can see her beautiful eyes and super long eyelashes. Gorgeous...but I suppose I am a bit biased!

Molly, Molly

I love my little Molly! She is sooooo much fun and is developing quite the little personality. I just wanted to post a couple pictures of what she has been up to the past couple months. She is beginning to talk a ton and she will try to say just about anything. Last night she said, "I love you" and it melted my heart. I kept asking her to say it over and over again! What a doll. She is a bright spot in my day for sure!

She brought me each of these bows and hair thingys and wanted me to layer them on her. It was so funny I had to snap a picture. Now, if I WANT her to wear a bow she absolutely has no interest in that!

She is all girl just like the rest of them. She loves to dress up and layer on the accessories.
What a doll...I love her. She is soooo happy!
Even with a bad hair day she manages to smile.
Teaching her young...she is quite the little helper. :)
Molly loves books and animals. Ducks were her favorite for a long time. Now she loves them all. Here she is with her baby reading her book and probably saying, "Quack, quack!"
GO HORSEY!!!!! So is it totally awful that I posted this picture and even more awful that I took the picture and then took her off of him? :) Poor little Brenham...he doesn't stand a chance. I hate to admit that she does this often and I can't get Molly to understand that it is not something Brenham enjoys!

Our little chef. This is quite the concoction made of lettuce, grapes, garlic, a croissant, a banana, a red pepper and probably a few more ingredients. Yummy...